Getting started

What is GraphQL?

For an introduction to GraphQL and an overview of its concepts, please refer to the official introduction.

Let’s build a basic GraphQL schema from scratch.


  • Python (2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, pypy)
  • Graphene (2.0)

Project setup

pip install "graphene>=2.0"

Creating a basic Schema

A GraphQL schema describes your data model, and provides a GraphQL server with an associated set of resolve methods that know how to fetch data.

We are going to create a very simple schema, with a Query with only one field: hello and an input name. And when we query it, it should return "Hello {argument}".

import graphene

class Query(graphene.ObjectType):
    hello = graphene.String(argument=graphene.String(default_value="stranger"))

    def resolve_hello(self, info, argument):
        return 'Hello ' + argument

schema = graphene.Schema(query=Query)


Then we can start querying our schema:

result = schema.execute('{ hello }')
print(['hello']) # "Hello stranger"

# or passing the argument in the query
result = schema.execute('{ hello (argument: "graph") }')
print(['hello']) # "Hello graph"

Congrats! You got your first graphene schema working!