Executing a query

For executing a query a schema, you can directly call the execute method on it.

schema = graphene.Schema(...)
result = schema.execute('{ name }')

result represents the result of execution. result.data is the result of executing the query, result.errors is None if no errors occurred, and is a non-empty list if an error occurred.


You can pass context to a query via context.

class Query(graphene.ObjectType):
    name = graphene.String()

    def resolve_name(self, info):
        return info.context.get('name')

schema = graphene.Schema(Query)
result = schema.execute('{ name }', context={'name': 'Syrus'})


You can pass variables to a query via variables.

class Query(graphene.ObjectType):
    user = graphene.Field(User)

    def resolve_user(self, info):
        return info.context.get('user')

schema = graphene.Schema(Query)
result = schema.execute(
    '''query getUser($id: ID) {
        user(id: $id) {
    variables={'id': 12},