A connection is a vitaminized version of a List that provides ways of slicing and paginating through it. The way you create Connection types in graphene is using relay.Connection and relay.ConnectionField.

Quick example

If we want to create a custom Connection on a given node, we have to subclass the Connection class.

In the following example, extra will be an extra field in the connection, and other an extra field in the Connection Edge.

class ShipConnection(Connection):
    extra = String()

    class Meta:
        node = Ship

    class Edge:
        other = String()

The ShipConnection connection class, will have automatically a pageInfo field, and a edges field (which is a list of ShipConnection.Edge). This Edge will have a node field linking to the specified node (in ShipConnection.Meta) and the field other that we defined in the class.

Connection Field

You can create connection fields in any Connection, in case any ObjectType that implements Node will have a default Connection.

class Faction(graphene.ObjectType):
    name = graphene.String()
    ships = relay.ConnectionField(ShipConnection)

    def resolve_ships(root, info):
        return []