Source code for graphene.types.enum

from collections import OrderedDict

import six

from graphene.utils.subclass_with_meta import SubclassWithMeta_Meta

from ..pyutils.compat import Enum as PyEnum
from .base import BaseOptions, BaseType
from .unmountedtype import UnmountedType

def eq_enum(self, other):
    if isinstance(other, self.__class__):
        return self is other
    return self.value is other

EnumType = type(PyEnum)

class EnumOptions(BaseOptions):
    enum = None  # type: Enum
    deprecation_reason = None

class EnumMeta(SubclassWithMeta_Meta):
    def __new__(cls, name, bases, classdict, **options):
        enum_members = OrderedDict(classdict, __eq__=eq_enum)
        # We remove the Meta attribute from the class to not collide
        # with the enum values.
        enum_members.pop("Meta", None)
        enum = PyEnum(cls.__name__, enum_members)
        return SubclassWithMeta_Meta.__new__(
            cls, name, bases, OrderedDict(classdict, __enum__=enum), **options

    def get(cls, value):
        return cls._meta.enum(value)

    def __getitem__(cls, value):
        return cls._meta.enum[value]

    def __prepare__(name, bases, **kwargs):  # noqa: N805
        return OrderedDict()

    def __call__(cls, *args, **kwargs):  # noqa: N805
        if cls is Enum:
            description = kwargs.pop("description", None)
            deprecation_reason = kwargs.pop("deprecation_reason", None)
            return cls.from_enum(
                PyEnum(*args, **kwargs),
        return super(EnumMeta, cls).__call__(*args, **kwargs)
        # return cls._meta.enum(*args, **kwargs)

    def from_enum(cls, enum, description=None, deprecation_reason=None):  # noqa: N805
        description = description or enum.__doc__
        meta_dict = {
            "enum": enum,
            "description": description,
            "deprecation_reason": deprecation_reason,
        meta_class = type("Meta", (object,), meta_dict)
        return type(meta_class.enum.__name__, (Enum,), {"Meta": meta_class})

[docs]class Enum(six.with_metaclass(EnumMeta, UnmountedType, BaseType)): """ Enum type definition Defines a static set of values that can be provided as a Field, Argument or InputField. .. code:: python from graphene import Enum class NameFormat(Enum): FIRST_LAST = "first_last" LAST_FIRST = "last_first" Meta: enum (optional, Enum): Python enum to use as a base for GraphQL Enum. name (optional, str): Name of the GraphQL type (must be unique in schema). Defaults to class name. description (optional, str): Description of the GraphQL type in the schema. Defaults to class docstring. deprecation_reason (optional, str): Setting this value indicates that the enum is depreciated and may provide instruction or reason on how for clients to proceed. """ @classmethod def __init_subclass_with_meta__(cls, enum=None, _meta=None, **options): if not _meta: _meta = EnumOptions(cls) _meta.enum = enum or cls.__enum__ _meta.deprecation_reason = options.pop("deprecation_reason", None) for key, value in _meta.enum.__members__.items(): setattr(cls, key, value) super(Enum, cls).__init_subclass_with_meta__(_meta=_meta, **options) @classmethod def get_type(cls): """ This function is called when the unmounted type (Enum instance) is mounted (as a Field, InputField or Argument) """ return cls