Source code for graphene.types.field

import inspect
from collections import Mapping, OrderedDict
from functools import partial

from .argument import Argument, to_arguments
from .mountedtype import MountedType
from .structures import NonNull
from .unmountedtype import UnmountedType
from .utils import get_type

base_type = type

def source_resolver(source, root, info, **args):
    resolved = getattr(root, source, None)
    if inspect.isfunction(resolved) or inspect.ismethod(resolved):
        return resolved()
    return resolved

[docs]class Field(MountedType): """ Makes a field available on an ObjectType in the GraphQL schema. Any type can be mounted as a Field: - Object Type - Scalar Type - Enum - Interface - Union All class attributes of ``graphene.ObjectType`` are implicitly mounted as Field using the below arguments. .. code:: python class Person(ObjectType): first_name = graphene.String(required=True) # implicitly mounted as Field last_name = graphene.Field(String, description='Surname') # explicitly mounted as Field args: type (class for a graphene.UnmountedType): must be a class (not an instance) of an unmounted graphene type (ex. scalar or object) which is used for the type of this field in the GraphQL schema. args (optional, Dict[str, graphene.Argument]): arguments that can be input to the field. Prefer to use **extra_args. resolver (optional, Callable): A function to get the value for a Field from the parent value object. If not set, the default resolver method for the schema is used. source (optional, str): attribute name to resolve for this field from the parent value object. Alternative to resolver (cannot set both source and resolver). deprecation_reason (optional, str): Setting this value indicates that the field is depreciated and may provide instruction or reason on how for clients to proceed. required (optional, bool): indicates this field as not null in the graphql scehma. Same behavior as graphene.NonNull. Default False. name (optional, str): the name of the GraphQL field (must be unique in a type). Defaults to attribute name. description (optional, str): the description of the GraphQL field in the schema. default_value (optional, Any): Default value to resolve if none set from schema. **extra_args (optional, Dict[str, Union[graphene.Argument, graphene.UnmountedType]): any additional arguments to mount on the field. """ def __init__( self, type, args=None, resolver=None, source=None, deprecation_reason=None, name=None, description=None, required=False, _creation_counter=None, default_value=None, **extra_args ): super(Field, self).__init__(_creation_counter=_creation_counter) assert not args or isinstance(args, Mapping), ( 'Arguments in a field have to be a mapping, received "{}".' ).format(args) assert not ( source and resolver ), "A Field cannot have a source and a resolver in at the same time." assert not callable(default_value), ( 'The default value can not be a function but received "{}".' ).format(base_type(default_value)) if required: type = NonNull(type) # Check if name is actually an argument of the field if isinstance(name, (Argument, UnmountedType)): extra_args["name"] = name name = None # Check if source is actually an argument of the field if isinstance(source, (Argument, UnmountedType)): extra_args["source"] = source source = None = name self._type = type self.args = to_arguments(args or OrderedDict(), extra_args) if source: resolver = partial(source_resolver, source) self.resolver = resolver self.deprecation_reason = deprecation_reason self.description = description self.default_value = default_value @property def type(self): return get_type(self._type) def get_resolver(self, parent_resolver): return self.resolver or parent_resolver