Source code for graphene.types.unmountedtype

from ..utils.orderedtype import OrderedType

[docs]class UnmountedType(OrderedType): """ This class acts a proxy for a Graphene Type, so it can be mounted dynamically as Field, InputField or Argument. Instead of writing: .. code:: python from graphene import ObjectType, Field, String class MyObjectType(ObjectType): my_field = Field(String, description='Description here') It lets you write: .. code:: python from graphene import ObjectType, String class MyObjectType(ObjectType): my_field = String(description='Description here') It is not used directly, but is inherited by other types and streamlines their use in different context: - Object Type - Scalar Type - Enum - Interface - Union An unmounted type will accept arguments based upon its context (ObjectType, Field or InputObjectType) and pass it on to the appropriate MountedType (Field, Argument or InputField). See each Mounted type reference for more information about valid parameters. """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(UnmountedType, self).__init__() self.args = args self.kwargs = kwargs def get_type(self): """ This function is called when the UnmountedType instance is mounted (as a Field, InputField or Argument) """ raise NotImplementedError(f"get_type not implemented in {self}") def mount_as(self, _as): return _as.mounted(self) def Field(self): # noqa: N802 """ Mount the UnmountedType as Field """ from .field import Field return self.mount_as(Field) def InputField(self): # noqa: N802 """ Mount the UnmountedType as InputField """ from .inputfield import InputField return self.mount_as(InputField) def Argument(self): # noqa: N802 """ Mount the UnmountedType as Argument """ from .argument import Argument return self.mount_as(Argument) def __eq__(self, other): return self is other or ( isinstance(other, UnmountedType) and self.get_type() == other.get_type() and self.args == other.args and self.kwargs == other.kwargs )